About Sequestered

Sequestered was born out of the hunt for something cool to do on a Saturday night. Ten years ago we tried our first Escape Room. That first room, though we didn’t escape, ignited a passion that led us in a cross country search for the heart-pumping adrenalin-filled sensation that can only be felt in a great room.

We love to test our wits against cleverly designed puzzles and theme driven rooms so we thought, we can do this, we can make our own escape room and so you have Sequestered. Believe it or not, we are mere mortals with a love for adventure, a thirst for fun and the desire to be good puzzle making story tellers.

If you are looking for a way to chase away the doldrums, harness your imagination and solve your way out of rooms, come hang out with us. We promise to offer you a fun adventure with a few twisty turns, do-hickies, and whatcha-ma-call-its thrown in to help you escape.